About us

We are a part of multinational holding which is oriented to equipment of logistic centers. From year 2000 we have been concentrating mainly for door equipment and its development, production and wholesale. You can come across our production thorough the whole Europe but also in other places of the world. 

We have been developing both industrial and garage doors, distributed via the large sales network.

You can encounter the tailor-made door models, called TOORS Indy and TOORS Guardy in production plants, logistics centres, car showrooms, garages, i. e. in the areas with high demands on flawless operation.



"The only thing we don't know about each other is where our places are in the office.”

Work is not the only characteristic of a human being. We take part in team building events and play sports together. We like to learn and enhance our education as a team.

"We look for the right people to join the bus.”

Long-term objectives cannot be achieved if the staff turnover is high. Therefore we try to welcome on board for a long journey, by bus, the right fellows who make the time spent travelling pleasant, don't make us bored, and sometimes find the right short cuts that will get us to our final destination.

"We choose colleagues to add to the team primarily on the basis of human values.”

This doesn't mean that we choose likeable people only; of course, the person must know something. But rather than an expert who we cannot communicate with, we choose an inexperienced graduate who brings an innovative approach and good spirit.

 "If we share information within the company, the result is for everybody.”

 There is no reason for hiding or restricting access to information with respect to any team member – we pull the rope together!

"15 years of experience on the market could narrate instead of us...”

During our 15-year existence, we have delivered doors to thousands of projects. We will be pleased to share our experience with you and help you to choose the right solution to fit any situation. Even though our firm grows fast, our basic values and firm culture remain unchanged.








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