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We bring you a wide range of spare parts for your sectional garage and industrial doors so you can keep your doors in optimum condition. We regularly update our range of spare parts to be compatible with a wide range of sectional doors, so you don’t have to look elsewhere.

TOP 5 spare parts

Sandwich panels

and accessories



Torsion and extension springs

TOORS Service – spare parts

By logging into the T-service web interface, you will have instant access to our complete spare parts catalogue. Quickly and easily find everything you need for maintenance and repair.

sTOORe – gate configurator

Configurator for all types of doors – industrial, garage, double doors, side doors in several languages

  • quick and easy door specification
  • price quotations and necessary documents for the doors immediately at hand
  • visualization of configured gates


As we are a manufacturing company, we focus on what we do best. That’s why we use strong and experienced partners in distribution logistics, for whom transport is their daily bread. Within our distribution network, we are able to deliver goods almost anywhere in the world. Our high-quality distribution network enables us to shorten delivery times and increase quality. We offer delivery and unloading services throughout the EU.

As standard, we deliver doors within 1 calendar week after production and to the most remote locations within the EU within 2 weeks. By mutual agreement, we are able to deliver goods (e.g. spare parts) even within a few hours after production. We keep up with the times and strive to meet the current needs of our customers. Especially in the area of distribution logistics, which always has added value for our customers.

We are introducing new technologies and principles that are in line with the concept of “smart logistics”, so-called Logistics 4.0.

Like other parts of the enterprise, lean logistics is a major contributor to a lean enterprise as a whole.

We currently deliver to site including unloading throughout Europe.

The packaging of our products has a protective and handling function during transport. We are developing new types of packaging that make handling easier and reduce the number of loads, thus increasing the efficiency of transport and handling.

The improvement and optimization of logistics processes guarantees an increase in the quality and efficiency of distribution logistics and connected processes with an emphasis on customer satisfaction.

Our distribution partners communicate with customers from different countries in their native language (NL, DE, EN, CZ).

Šířka5 000 mm5 000 mm
Délka5 000 mm5 000 mm
Výška sekce610 mm244 mm / 610 mm
Rychlost otevírání0,25 m/s1,4 m/s
Tloušťka panelu40 mm40 mm
Tepelná propustnost “U”1,02 W/M2K1,18 W/M2K



Zakázková výroba se systémem automatizace

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Konfigurovat lze:

  • Tloušťka: 40-80 mm
  • Typ výplně: plná kombinace nebo ??? (sklo)
  • Design: struktura panelu
  • Systém pojezdu
  • Barva
  • Rozměry

Náhradní díly

Samozřejmostí podpory našich produktů a servisních aktivit distributorů jsou i rychlé dodávky náhradních dílů.

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