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Industrial doors


We manufacture industrial doors from sandwich 40mm-thick panels in the design of "standard“ or "protect“. Also an 80mm-thick panel is available to reach the best thermal-insulation properties. We deliver doors with a wide scale of track types adjustable to any space.


As our garage doors, our industrial doors are only made of high-quality materials from renowned European manufacturers. All industrial doors TOORS INDY are precisely "tailored“ depending on the construction situation and the customer's requirements.

Industrial doors may contain fully glassed-in aluminium sections that ensure, in addition to the attractive design, better light conditions in the halls or fresh air input using special fillings.

The automatic sectional doors equipped with an electric drive with high reliability and long lifespan bring high comfort of control, simple handling, and savings of energy spent on heating/ air-conditioning of the building.

We make prompt deliveries of all spare parts (see the spare part section).

Our doors comply with all requirements of the European legislation, and are certified to EN 13241.

We are a long-time member of the EDSF (European Door and Shutter Federation), a large family of renowned manufacturers of door and loading technology so we are directly informed about changes on the market, and we try to support our customers accordingly.


We don't regard industrial doors as just an "invisible“ part of production and storage halls, but as a high-quality and reliable product that enables entrepreneurs and company owners to focus on their ideas and plans instead of operational issues.


Spare parts

The support of our products and distributors' service activities naturally includes prompt deliveries of spare parts.



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