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Why become Toors' partner? Our relationships with all trading partners are based on trust and a long-term personal relationship. We never evade our clients or address end customers. We provide you with individually tailored conditions. We will always help you to choose the best technology solution for a specific construction situation. If you wish, we will produce doors with your logo. Quality and safety are of the top priority for us. All products are duly certified. We offer an advantageous rate regarding value for money, and we always calculate the price in relation to the product lifespan. Although we stick to systems and standards, we always try to find an individual solution. We can make deliveries everywhere in the world, and possibly to a building site. You can find our doors on the shores of tropical seas as well as behind the arctic circle. Suppliers are partners with which we wish to cooperate in a long-term and fair manner on the development of the best components for our products. We try together to react flexibly to changes on the market. The key factor of the common success lies in our employees. 

Our employees education level, knowledge and expert skills are something that makes us different from most competitive firms. The company culture supports invention, independence, innovativeness and responsibility. We need fresh and creative colleagues; therefore we pay attention to the balance of their work and private life.




You can come across TOORS products across Europe as well as in other parts of the world.

 TOORS is a part of a global holding focused on logistic centre equipment. Since 2000, it has been arranging, for its partners inside and outside the group, the development, production and supplies of the door technology.




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