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Within a responsible approach to its neighbourhood, and within its efforts to support the development of the region in which it performs its business, TOORS includes in its employee benefit programmes the following programme





TOORS aims it’s support at the education, sports and cultural development of children and youth. We also aim to further the support of fellow citizens whose life  burdens are bigger due physical or mental handicap.



The target of this program is to support children's sports, cultural and social organizations, such as clubs and associations. It further includes the support of handicapped individuals, non-profit organizations, institutions and associations that in a certain way provide assistance to handicapped fellow citizens. All this is in the 20km region surrounding Nový Bydžov.



Any employee, and possibly anyone from outside TOORS, may submit to the management team a proposal of an activity, action or project for which they would like to obtain our support.  The management team will assess whether the project parameters correspond to the IDEA and TARGET GROUP, assess what is offered in return, and decide YES/NO. YES means a green light for collecting contributions for this project from TOORS employees. It entirely depends on the proposer's activity and how many supporters of the project he/she attracts among TOORS employees. We then set a time period during which the finance department accepts financial contributions from TOORS employees. The proposer may advertise the project in a general form (leaflet, presentations) through the use of notice-boards, TOORS magazine or the TOCGeneral email.

Contacting individual employees could induce a feeling of pressure, therefore this form of "obtaining contributors to a project” is not admissible. Everybody may freely decide their will to contribute and the amount they want to contribute to the submitted project, based on the general promotion of the project, see above.

TOORS will equal the same amount as collected from our employees, and then send the total financial amount to the chosen project.

We believe that we will succeed together by choosing to support the right events and projects in the Nový Bydžov region.



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