Selection procedure

Our selection procedure runs in a friendly manner. The intention is not to grill you. On the contrary, it is a friendly discussion only aimed at learning more about each other. We are looking for a nice person who will enrich the team, and you are looking for a job that will enrich your life. So the interviews are aimed at mutual recognition and finding an accord between the expectations and possibilities. We only grill after work.


Our meetings are usually composed of several rounds, which is good for both parties. You certainly want to know whether you would like to work and have fun with us; we want to be sure that when we meet in the morning, we will have good feelings, and that our long-term common effort will result in a balanced personal life, and yet a successful firm.



The first round is usually get-to-know each other. Who we are, who you are, what we expect, what you expect. Do we want each other?





The second round is usually attended by team members. Do you wish to work on the team; do we wish to have you on the team? Shall we like to go to the mountains together?
And shall we like to be saving a project at weekends? We should give answers here.




The third round deals with a specific agreement on how and under what conditions we can start the cooperation.





However; we are a free firm so the number of rounds may be higher or lower, it is only based on feelings and mutual needs.



TOORS company culture means

  • common objective
  • be fond of yourself as well as your colleagues
  • respect
  • trust
  • freedom and responsibility
  • consistent, fair and just approach

  • the best firm can be built by the best people only (with their character and capabilities); let them do the best they can

  • mind that only the right people get on the bus, let's stop the bus sometimes so that those who are sick or are stowaways could get off without injury or damage to the bus

  • work with those who don't want to be pulled as a cow to Mont Blanc. We may get it there but what to do with a cow on Mont Blanc

  • don't betray the firm, then the firm will never betray you

  • we don't have Human Resources Management – people are neither resources to be drawn or even exhausted nor puppets to be led, we perform Human Relation Care

  • inspired and motivated people, be careful with words, motivation isn't stimulation – as it is with love, first there must be motivation, then stimulation comes, and then gratification arrives. Stimulation without motivation is a rape, which we never commit, so we certainly don't pay money to people who don't like this idea.






After a several-round "small selection procedure" you usually know whether it will click and whether you would also like to fulfil yourself with us ... If so, and the preferences are mutual, look what is awaiting you.



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