In view of the fact that we are a production company, we focus on what we can do best. Therefore we use, for the distribution logistics, strong and experienced partners, for which transportation is an everyday activity. Within our distribution network, we are able to deliver goods almost around the world. The high-quality distribution network enables us to shorten delivery terms and increase quality. As regards the Benelux countries and France, we offer deliveries with unloading. We are spreading this service intensively to other places in the EU. As a standard, we deliver doors within 1 calendar week of the manufacture, and to the most distant localities in the EU within 2 weeks. We are able, by agreement, to deliver goods (for instance spare parts) in a few days after the manufacture. We are up-to-date, and try to meet the customers' current needs. Particularly in the area of distribution logistics which always has an added value for the customers.


Logistics as the support to production and distribution logistics is an integral part of our activities; therefore we introduce new technologies and principles that are in compliance with the "clever logistics“ concept  of Logistics 4.0.

In the same way as other parts of the company, also lean logistics helps a lot to create a lean company as a whole.

Our innovative concept of distribution logistics increases the quality of transportation, makes time windows for deliveries more precise, and enhances the service of deliveries to the spot with unloading.

During transportation, the packaging of our products has protective qualities, meaning our products are easier to handle. The development of new types of product wrapping facilitates the handling of a lower number of load pieces, which allows for an increase in the effectiveness of transportation and subsequent customer handling.

The improvement and optimization of logistic processes is a continuous development that guarantees the enhancement of distribution logistics, placing emphasis on the customers' satisfaction. 

Our partners in distribution communicate with customers from various countries in their mother tongue (NL, BE, FR, DE, EN, CZ).


It is not important where you are from, we will always find a way to you.




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