Lean thinking




 Health and safety at work/ergonomics

Our employees' health and safety at work is very important to us. Therefore we constantly try to enhance individual workplaces and provide all employees, especially production workers, with the best possible conditions for work.



 Waste elimination

We aim to eliminate waste within the production process and the management system. We place special emphasis on the frequently neglected type of wastage - the unutilized human potential.



 Project management

In the current market environment, there is no space for trials and errors. We deal with projects in teams because more heads know more. 





The door manufacture is specific. You will never learn it at school. But our experienced colleagues will be pleased to teach it to you. From a systematic training to rotation at individual workplaces.



Every thing is out-of-date when it is finished. Therefore we try to improve not only the software and individual workplaces, but also individual processes.








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