Initial steps


It is very difficult to get a job now, especially because there are often several applicants for one position, and employers usually don't make it easy for you in selection procedures. It is completely different at our company. In order to facilitate your preparations on the way to joining our team, we have prepared a few instructions for you that should facilitate your preparations and free you of useless stress... here they are:


Initial steps - Curriculum Vitae

When preparing your CV and covering letter, we recommend you to read carefully the job description and make sure that you not only meet the required criteria but the position also fits your interest profile.


Above all your CV should be brief and concise. It should well describe your work experience, outline your capabilities and previous responsibilities without stating small details. Bear in mind that it is not an essay; therefore it should be structured and easily readable. Don't forget to make it up-to-date and true. Your covering (motivation) letter should introduce yourself in brief, state the reason why you wish to work with us, what attracted you at the position, and above all why you believe that you are the right candidate for the position.



If your CV attracts our attention, you will have successfully passed the first round of the selection procedure. So await a telephone invitation to an interview.

How to prepare for an interview?

  • Find at least basic information about our company – it will confirm your motivation.
  • Be in time, ideally 5 minutes in advance. If you need information about how to get to us best, don't hesitate to ask for it. If you know that you are delayed, inform the contact person over the telephone in time, and apologise for the delay.
  • Choose suitable clothing (depending on the position).
  • An interview is a bilateral matter, so have prepared the questions you want to ask us at the interview, regardless of whether they are related to the company, position or anything else.
  • Answer the questions truthfully during the interview.


Be aware that the interview will also contain a test of vocational and language knowledge, of course depending on the position you apply for.

We will inform you about the result of the interview over the telephone.

If you don't understand one or more points above, just ask us; we will be pleased to answer all your questions.



You have passed the initial steps... but what now? Look.......



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