I want to be a TOORS team member


The way to becoming a TOORS team member is not complicated; however, if you have already decided that you want to join us you are only at the beginning of your journey to becoming a team member.





History of projects:

  • implementation of the company-wide ERP
  • development of a new type of garage doors
  • acquisition of customers (Norway, Estonia, Vietnam, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Russia …)
  • automation and robotization of manufacturing workplaces
  • introduction of the LEAN principles into all activities

Current projects:

  • digitization of company documentation


Are you interested in what you have read about TOORS CZ?

Are our philosophy of work and our company culture and vision close to you?

Do you think you would be the right member of our “bus“ crew?

Are you a confident and self-assured person that doesn’t find a problem in everything but rather consider each issue as the chance and challenge to solve it?

Are you sure that you can help us to deal with our current projects or improve the “old“ ones?

Are you a pensioner who would like to contribute to our company by your experience?

Are you a person with a disability who would like to contribute by your knowledge or experience?

Do you wish to have a part-time job?

YES? Then make a short video recording of yourself on YouTube (about 5min) and send it to our shaman at r.havlin@toors.cz


What should the video contain?

Talk about yourself and about topics referred to below; tell us what you consider to be interesting. Do you see yourself rather in a position where you employ your manual skills, or where you create and invent something and communicate at the office or with the world? Tell us what you can do, what your strengths are, and where you don’t feel comfortable. What you are interested in, what you have studied, what you know, and what your experience is like. Money is one of motivation factors; however, earnings of each of us depend on how much we contribute to the company, and how much a customer is willing to pay for our services. If there is an area in which you feel comfortable and in which you could make a great contribution to our company, tell us about it. Are you abroad or employed? It is wonderful that you are getting experience, but contact us even in this case. You never know what the situation will be like in a year or two.



Do you think that your personality fits TOORS and your knowledge and capabilities will help us to solve current projects? Come and see us, and if you like it, and we like you, it will be the shortest way to our team.



We currently need colleagues to the team for the following positions:



You don't fit the position but you know anybody who does? Recommend them to us, and you will be rewarded.






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