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TOORS work atmosphere

As a team we aim to work together to create and maintain a pleasant, friendly work atmosphere. We believe if people complain that they don't like this or that, they must first ask themselves if they have done enough within the opportunities and rules that the firm provides them with to make the most of their work experience. You can look at our photos from the production halls and offices, and let us know on Facebook if you like them.

First name or formal terms

At all levels, we address each other by first name, in accordance with the rules of Jiří Stanislav Guth-Jarkovský. We respect and appreciate academic degrees but don't use them anywhere, including on business cards.

Being on first name terms means we can accept constructive criticism and never take anything personally; we distinguish between a work and personal level. Even if somebody doesn't perform their duties effectively and a team member talks to them about it, they are still likely to go to lunch together.

What to wear

When you are preparing for a job interview with us wear something you feel comfortable and natural in –aim to display your personality. A tight neck tie doesn't make you calm.

How sponsoring and social responsibility function here

A lot of applicants come with a begging palm, often legitimately. A just decision on to whom to contribute and to whom not is a role for God; there is not a reason that one or two managers took over the role. I (Dušan Šimůnek) always ask myself why we have a perverse system of redistribution of collected taxes and all insurance within the social solidarity, where the state takes care of healthy working people to keep them on velvet, and the blind beg with Světluška in the streets, spastic children's parents collect tops of PET bottles, and others with difficult life seek their "Good Angels“.

At our company the decision on whom and how much TOORS should support in their difficult situation in life is made by all employees who want to participate. We have a project called "WE PROVIDE SUPPORT AND HELP“.



 TOORS company culture means

  • common objective
  • be fond of yourself as well as your colleagues
  • respect
  • trust
  • freedom and responsibility
  • consistent, fair and just approach
  • the best firm can be built by the best people only (with their character and capabilities); let them do the best they can do
  • mind that only the right people get on the bus, let's stop the bus sometimes so that those who are sick or are stowaways could get off without injury or damage to the bus
  • work with those who don't want to be pulled as a cow to Mont Blanc. We may get it there but what to do with a cow on Mont Blanc
  • don't betray the firm, then the firm will never betray you
  • we don't have Human Resources Management – people are neither resources to be drawn or even exhausted nor puppets to be led, we perform Human Relation Care
  • inspired and motivated people, be careful with words, motivation isn't stimulation – as it is with love, first there must be motivation, then stimulation comes, and then gratification arrives. Stimulation without motivation is a rape, which we never commit, so we certainly don't pay money to people who don't like this idea.



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