Freedom and responsibility

"I don't go to work for money only."

The team for which I work is composed of colleagues out of whom many of them have become my friends.

Therefore "go to work“ means to me meeting a group of nice and entertaining people during activities that bring money and entertainment. As it is everywhere else, we don't meet when smiling only but also when solving production issues together. However, based on my external experience, I can assert that with regard to the "stress meter“ scale, we are noticeably below the average:-) I myself also thanks to the fact that I can cancel strict bounds of the working hours and adjust them, at my own responsibility, to my current situation; possibly save time and money spent commuting, and work in the comfort of the home office.

 Simona Ludvíková

purchaser, TOORS s.r.o.





 "I am pleased that I can participate in the implementation of LEAN production processes."

It is absolutely fantastic how it works at the firm. We are free; we can study, attend seminars, and based of that do what we really like on top of our responsibilities. This applies to everyone at the firm, from the lowest production positions, if they themselves want to do so. Everyone has the chance to move up. I deal with, in addition to what my everyday duties are, the enhancement in production from the implementation of improvement proposal to the perfection of the production system as I like it and feel satisfied. The best feelings come to me when we succeed in implementing a functioning process and there are proactive colleagues who want to improve it.

                                                                                                                                           Miloš Schejbal  

                                                         head of  track and hardware production, TOORS s.r.o.




"Our partners appreciate us."

I sometimes work longer than I have to work because I want to and I like the work. On other occasions I feel that the work is necessary. Nobody forces me to do so. Our firm is based on partnership, team cooperation and responsibility. Nobody tells me how many firms I should address but I am expected to reach certain results to which I have to adjust my work activities. We are not market leaders, we are not too innovative, and yet important companies across Europe want to cooperate with us. Why? The benefit for our customers results from a long-term partnership based on close communication and trust. I am a sales person so my everyday work means listening to the customers' needs. Information from the market comes to the firm, and solutions are modified, which brings a benefit to the customers. These are things most appreciated by our partners.

David Kroutil  

                                                  salesman for German speaking countries, TOORS s.r.o.






"I have the chance of self-fulfilment."

I like working for TOORS. I am a ream member of a young group where I have the chance to implement my ideas and broaden and apply my capabilities. I have been working here for several years. I like the work and it satisfies me; and I appreciate it in the same way as TOORS appreciates me and the employees.

                                                                                                                                           Jitka Hloucalová
head of paint shop, TOORS s.r.o.






"I don't mind getting up early in the morning." 

At Toors, I work in a friendly team and modern environment. The leadership depends on the opinions of each of us as our common objective is work well done. Therefore one doesn't mind getting up early in the morning. Toors doesn't neglect the environment or the employees' health, for instance we, cyclists, can use a bike room and shower. All this can be seen on the quality of our doors.


 Petr Schramek 
                                                         worker, TOORS s.r.o.




"A graduate is not a burden."

You have just finished your studies, the carefree youth has ended, and you begin to look for a job. There are a lot of advertisements everywhere but you close one after one. On the one hand you meet the education requirements; on the other hand you haven't had rich experience in the branch. It is not easy for a graduate to find a job, particularly if you wish to do what you have studied. I was immediately lucky – Toors is located where I live, and is open to young people. A graduate doesn't mean a burden, it means that everybody must gain experience gradually because practice makes perfect. I was lucky again – although I started at the position of a documentarist, after finishing my studies I moved to the position for which I had studied. And I was lucky again – I do what I like, and with people who share my visions and objectives.


 Petra Šimůnková
                                                         LEAN manager, TOORS s.r.o.









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