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BIM libraries - models of doors


On this page, you will find BIM models of our doors that can be used in the projects built on the basis of the BIM technology (BIM – Building Information Modelling).

The models processed precisely by us significantly increase the probability of their further utilization, e.g. by architects or designers, in comparison with the currently lower quality of models of some of our competitors that do not correspond to reality sometimes.

The libraries include the models of our doors Indy and Guardy, including Mandoor, in the most used project software – ArchiCAD and REVIT.




Our libraries include:

  • Models of doors Indy – industrial doors
  • Models of doors Guardy – garage doors
  • Models of Mandoor – entrance doors


TOORS BIM models open new opportunities for your business:

  • Enter the tenders for projects that require the BIM technologies (e.g. some state orders, orders of bigger construction companies etc.).
  • Establish co-operation with developers, project offices and other business partners that can start using our BIM libraries in their work, whereby you can multiply the purchases of the doors supplied by you.


What is BIM?

BIM is a process, during which a project of a particular construction (from a family house up to a logistics centre) is developed with the use of the BIM models of used objects and design elements. Every such independent part of the structure is described with the use of a 3D model and a set of the data about its properties.

In practice, it means that when designing the construction, they use the models of the objects, the parameters of which can be realistically defined and produced by the manufacturer, thanks to which the highest possible realistic feasibility of the initial proposal of the construction is achieved. The follow-up model developed from realistic items – BIM models – is used for efficient facility management for the whole period of using the construction. Therefore, the BIM models can, among other things, identify the service life of individual objects and their service intervals, too.





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