Adaptation programme


Congratulations, you have successfully passed the selection procedure. Now you are a member of our team.
As usual, new job = new people, new habits, new tasks, etc. Luckily you have joined a team where your colleagues will try to help you because your success is also their success. Nevertheless, here are a few pieces of advice for a successful start:



As regards our new colleagues, we have prepared an adaptation programme intended to provide an easy and quick orientation at the company.

The adaptation programme contains:

  • Acquaintance procedure towards the co-workers and individual departments, and presentation of the entire production process of an order;
  • Acquaintance procedure about the company organizational chart and organizational structure of the computer network;
  • Acquaintance procedure related to the job description, objectives to be reached by the employee, and objectives to be reached by the company as a whole;
  • Detailed vocational training adequate to the relevant workplace;
  • Training on health and safety at work;
  • Acquaintance procedure about the quality management system and company objectives in this area;
  • Acquaintance procedure about the documented processes and related documents of the relevant workplace and related workplaces;
  • Test of vocational knowledge and test of knowledge in the quality area.



We provide our colleagues with the chance to attend our internal as well as external educational courses. The internal courses include particularly language courses taking place in the building of our company. We pay attention to the employees' personal development; therefore we try to provide them with a maximum support and good conditions for their professional growth and development.


  • Pension scheme
  • Trainings and courses – see the photos
  • Lifelong education
  • Employment and personal jubilees
  • Days off over the frame of the Labour Code
  • Advantageous purchase of goods and services within agreements with cooperating suppliers to TOORS CZ
  • Language education – neither anybody leads anybody else by the hand nor organizes for them "language education“. The collective language courses have usually decreasing attendance as the lessons of lecturer Zajíc from the mental hygiene department.

The firm work environment itself naturally enables enhancing language skills. We have a broad network of foreign customers and suppliers so it is possible to practice the English, German, French and other languages every day.  As regards those who wish to study independently, the firm will contribute CZK 3,000 a year to them to pay language courses.

  • Foreign business trips and fellowships
  • Trips and events – link to photos
  • Contribution to spontaneously and independently organized employee events (summer gatherings, sports matches….)





If you wish to see again anything stated above, do so. 





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